Credit: Rebecca Tuttle

Photo: Rebecca Tuttle

Jacob Newell is a landscape and nature photographer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He currently resides in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

His relentless pursuit of unique moments and his experience in Europe, the Western US and Hawaii set his photography apart. Jacob’s powerful landscape and astrophotography scenes make for timeless works of art and beautiful decorations. Every image takes the viewer on a visual adventure.

Jacob was first introduced to the art and technology of photography by his father, who had collected a variety of film cameras and even devoted a basement to a home darkroom. By the time he took his first photography class in high school, he had already started to develop an eye for composition. He soon transitioned to digital and has since perfected his processing skills for a natural but impactful result.

“I first developed an appreciation for natural beauty while stationed as a submariner in Hawaii. As an escape from work stresses, I took up hiking and my eyes were opened. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed sharing the awe and inspiration I get from my time outdoors. Join me!“

Phone: 970 425 6560‬


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